This is a late-ripening apple of medium to large size.  Round and flat with green russeted skin. A beautiful dessert apple, and good for drying, cooking and juicing. Excellent old fashioned full flavour. This apple apparently came into the Hokianga Harbour in a barrel of pips in the 1850’s with the Rev Mr. Knaggs and was named after the boat in which he arrived. He planted his whole barrel of pips and selected this one as his favourite. Ripe Mar/April.

Captain Kidd

This variety has been grown in the North for long time and it has proved it’s disease resistance and excellent quality. Wonderful flavour and colour. Winey flavour, delicious! Rich, deep red apple with bright red steaks all over. Mine was sourced from Tom and Robyn Morrison near Warkworth, descendants of Red Bluffs Nursery “Morrison” one of the old nursery families in the North.  NZ bred apple by JH Kidd.

Giant Geniton

This variety is very reliable and heavy cropper and a good keeper. This one has green skin which turns pale yellow with  red streaks when it’s ripe. A dessert apple when harvested April onwards or it can be used for cooking in February. These trees are very healthy, but the fruit needs to be removed in it’s earlier years so that the tree can get some size. Sourced from the Koanga Institute Collection which it came to in 1987, and originally from Phil Evans from Kohukohu, but also from Cloon Eavin from Pahi.  It was one of the very early apples planted around the North that have been taken care of because they did so well. Tastes like a tree-ripened Granny Smith.