This is a late-ripening apple of medium to large size.  Round and flat with green russeted skin. A beautiful dessert apple, and good for drying, cooking and juicing. Excellent old fashioned full flavour. This apple apparently came into the Hokianga Harbour in a barrel of pips in the 1850’s with the Rev Mr. Knaggs and was named after the boat in which he arrived. He planted his whole barrel of pips and selected this one as his favourite. Ripe Mar/April.

Seckle’s Honey Pear

A traditional French pear with buttery melting flesh.  Small tree with small reddish-brown skinned fruit that is crisp  fleshed, very sweet, juicy, perfumed, with very distinctive flavor. It can be confidently fully ripened on the tree without becoming soft and brown in the middle, although it is not a good keeper once mature. The tree is vigorous and very productive and reliable. It is also somewhat self fertile. Pollinator of all other pears that need pollinators.  Known by the Bohemian settlers up the Puhoi Valley as the Honey Pear.   “The flesh is juicy, melting, fragrant, and of exquisite flavour with a touch of spiciness. It is not only superb fresh but is excellent for cooking”.  Mid season ripening. Ex Wellsford.


 Reportedely the best tasting plums EVER!  Although I’ve never tried them and don’t think their colour really sells them, I’m keen to try them.   Small to medium sized, round fruit with greenish-yellow skin. Flesh is amber-yellow coloured, firm with freestone. Good, sweet flavour. Tends to bear biannually. A favourite for cooking, canning and desserts. Ripens in late summer. Self-fertile but pollinates best with Angelina Burdett. Mid-season blooming. Forms relatively small tree.  Exciting!